What We Do

The Foundation was established with a vision of people sharing knowledge and helping other people.

The Foundation distributes Jerzy Gabryelski's pre-war and post-war films and realizes production of his ideas for the screen and theater.

The Foundation has published Mr. Gabryelski's short biography, "In Nomine Patriae," written by one of the most prominent Polish film critics, Janusz Skwara, with a foreword by the founder of the Foundation, Jacek Gabryelski.

The foundation is continually seeking opportunities through which it can help artists and people of vision from all walks of life. The Foundation produces documentary, instructional and other types of videos. The income from the dissemination of films and publication of books, among other activities, provide the Foundation the means for its charitable activities.

The book, films and other writings by Jerzy Gabryelski are only available through the Foundation upon request and donation.