About Us

The Gabryelski Film Art Foundation is a not-for-profit institution incorporated and licensed in the State of New York and approved under Sec. 501(C)(3) of the U.S. Internal Revenue Code to operate as a charitable organization.  In accordance with all of the applicable laws, the Foundation's records are open to inspection.  All donations are tax deductible.

The Foundation was created in 1998 in memory of Jerzy Józef Gabryelski (1904-1978), who was a movie director, actor, writer, a Polish patriot and dissident persecuted by the communist regime. Jerzy Gabryelski was the only filmmaker to film the Warsaw Uprising on 35mm film.  He escaped from Poland and emigrated to America in 1965, in search of his stolen film.

The mission of THE GABRYELSKI FILM ART FOUNDATION is to memorialize and share the creativity and vision of social justice and world peace Jerzy Gabryelski has demonstrated through his works and deeds.  Simultaneously, the Foundation has the goal of supporting inspired people, whether their interests are in film, theater, or they are other artists -- painters, writers, people of science and education, who wish to utilize their talents, continue their explorations, realize dreams and who by their faith, sense of beauty and creative expression contribute to the enlightenment and temperance of customs.

The Foundation has the right to operate in Poland.